"Professional services marketing? No thanks! I'm tired of throwing money into a marketing black hole..."

As a professional services firm principal, managing partner, CEO, President, or practice leader...
Is this you?

  • "We always get beat up on price because we have no credibility with prospects who've never heard of us before"
  • "I'm constantly asked for new marketing tools, brochures and presentations but nothing seems to help"
  • "How do I know which marketing strategies and tools will help us close more sales?"
  • "There has to be a more systematic way we can market our products/services"
  • "There are so many new ways to reach buyers these days; should we be using social media, blogs, podcasts, video? And do any of those even work in our industry?"
We can help you do marketing the right way using our Professional Services Marketing PSM 4.0™ process and straightforward approach, which can be summarized as...

Define > Organize > Implement > Track

Marketing Speaker - Marketing strategist David Newman


  • Your buyer personas (Your "Who")
  • Problems your company solves (Your "Why")
  • Articulation of your value (Your "What")
  • Your competitive landscape
  • Your brand strategy
  • Your distribution channels
  • Your pricing models
  • Your sales process
  • Specific marketing strategies you'll use
  • Resources and metrics you'll track


  • Your corporate identity
  • Naming of your products/services
  • How you manage prospects and customers
  • Your messaging and languaging
  • Your sales literature and tools
  • Your websites and online presence


  • Your inbound marketing tactics
  • Your customer retention plan
  • Your publicity campaign
  • Your proactive sales management practices
  • Trade show and event marketing
  • Your list-building and email marketing plan
  • Your telephone outreach campaigns
  • Search engine optimization and search engine marketing
  • Your targeted direct mail program
  • Coordinated business development tactics


  • Your Marketing ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Marketing vendor/partner effectiveness
  • Online leads, conversions, and sales
  • Offline leads, conversions, and sales
  • Your customized metrics dashboard