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Episode 162

The Outpitch Formula with Rob Tyson

Episode 162: Rob Tyson

Rob has spent the last 16 years creating, marketing and selling online programs, courses, membership websites and info products, with experience including: Being part of a three-person front room start-up in Shoreditch, London that 5 years later hit approx. £5m ($8m) in annual revenue and a listing on the London stock market, managing 13 different, paid membership services, catering to thousands of paying subscribers, generating £119,000 (approx. $150,000 at the time) in 6 days with a brand new online product, without any paid advertising or partners, and piloting a client’s brand-new program concept from scratch to £26,150 income in a couple of months, with no client base, list or partners, and just £2,000 ad spend.

Rob Tyson breaks down the Outpitch Formula and expresses the importance of offer creation!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Beginnings of the Outpitch Formula
  • The scale of offer creation
  • Putting together an effective offer
  • Applying urgency and discounts to your offers
  • The Outpitch Formula broken down

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