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Episode 176

Too Much Fun with Pat Dwyer

Episode 176: Pat Dwyer

For over 20 years Pat has traveled the world to work with companies, organizations, and industries to unlock the profit of laughter, levity and joy in their work cultures. From daily stakeholder to internal interactions he has worked to harness their untapped strengths to allow them to make positive and lasting developments.

Improv comedian and speaker Pat Dwyer talks about some of his seminars, making viral videos, and staying relevant in the current pandemic environment!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Pat’s background
  • Corporate’s dirtiest word
  • Getting in front of economic buyers
  • The Adventures
  • Patsion Project
  • Viral videos
  • Pat’s media outlets
  • Retaining relevancy in the pandemic
  • Marketing’s bad reputation

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