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Episode 132

Scale Your Genius with Jane Sagalovich

Episode 132: Jane Sagalovich

Jane Sagalovich is a process development and strategy expert, a finance and investment specialist, a growth mindset nerd, and an entrepreneur. Thriving on inspiring and enabling others to live a life of contribution, wealth, and freedom.

Jane talks about online courses! From the process of creating one to using them effectively to scale your business!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Jane’s professional journey
  • Mistakes and myths on building online courses
  • When it makes sense to start building an online course
  • Where to begin with building online courses
  • Differences between solving a problem and producing an outcome
  • The more specific, the better
  • Why a course may not be successful
  • Best customer service platforms
  • How often you should update your courses
  • Pricing guidelines
  • Process of creating and lunching an online course
  • Integrity layers
  • Decision making criteria
  • Taking your success online

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