How to Take Your Business Online and
Monetize Your Expertise in the Current Crisis


Episode 106

Smart Online Strategies with Tommy Griffith

Episode 106: Tommy Griffith

Tommy Griffith of ClickMinded shares some secret ingredients to effectively generating traffic to your business via SEO optimization, some missing ingredients to content marketing, and why he is so selective with his clients!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Tommy’s previous business ventures
  • Starting ClickMinded as a live event
  • Different types of presentations they do
  • Pricing structure
  • Other ways of incentivizing his clients
  • Knowing the essentials to maximizing SEO results
  • Using meetup.com
  • To offer or not to offer free work
  • The missing ingredient to content marketing
  • Finding places where you have an unfair advantage
  • Tommy’s licensing strategy
  • Offering done-for-you services
  • What is ‘exit velocity’?

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