Business Liftoff: 30 Days of Rocket Fuel to
Help Your Buyers Buy... YOU!

Is This You?

YOU are great at what you do - and you've been running your solo practice or professional services firm for 5, 10, maybe even 20 or more years. But you've noticed some serious changes in your business, your bookings, your prospects, and your bank account over the last year or two and it's not good. Specifically, you may be in a speaker salesforce speaker marketing teamsituation where...

  • Your phone is not ringing like it used to
  • Your client load and calendar are lighter than you'd like - more often than you'd like - and you're not sure what's missing or how to fix it
  • Price resistance is getting stronger - perhaps you're even lowering your fees when you should be raising them
  • You are tired of being the "best kept secret" in your industry or profession
  • You are not getting the media attention you used to
  • You see other professionals and newer firms offer the same services as you - not half as well - but they're getting paid twice as much

Your clients have changed the way they buy...
Have you changed the way you sell?

Old school outbound selling - the kind they teach in most sales training classes (some folks even teach it at your local trade or professional association meetings!) goes something like this:

  • speaker sales agents bookBuy an industry directory or another type of list from your Chamber of Commerce or professional group
  • Start at the back
  • Make 50 calls a day
  • Send 30 postcards a day to follow up
  • Keep interrupting these people until you finally get a poor sap on the phone and then pitch them HARD ('cuz you'll only get one chance)
  • Lather, rinse, repeat

Hard truth: This used to work. Really. It did. It may have even made you a TON of money in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. So what happened?

Harder truth: Old school "interruption" selling (Let's call it Sales 1.0) is getting less and less effective with every passing day. If you've notice a dropoff in your billable hours, client load, and income then keep reading...

Direct quote from a Fortune 500 executive on Sales 1.0:

speaker marketing agents lee"Please understand that I get dozens of these types of messages a week. I simply do not have time to read them, dig into them, follow up on them, or reply to them. The most effective solution to this problem is for me to ignore the messages, which is what I usually do...

Finally, a small comment. As a customer, I find this type of approach to sales to be largely annoying to me and unproductive for you. We learn far more about what we want to purchase by searching the web, looking for customer references in blogs and forums, word of mouth, and by finding white papers on your site that concretely describe solutions to problems we are having."

-- CIO of Fortune 500 Pharma Company

What Works Today: Inbound Marketing

sales for speaking phoneQuestion: What's a better sales opportunity? When YOU call them or when THEY call YOU?

Answer: Most professional services firms (accounting, consulting, real estate, financial services, insurance agencies, law firms) believe it's the latter.

Think about it: When buyers call YOU and they've read your content, they see you as a thought-leader, and they've already decided YOU have the answers they need, you usually close between 80-90% of those opportunities, don't you?

What you need are more conversations like THAT -- and that's precisely where we can help.

After all, when you ATTRACT economic buyers to your expertise, it makes a lasting positive impact on your ability to:

  • Generate new business leadsselling for motivational speakers booking service
  • Close more and better deals faster
  • Secure more engagements with little to no fee resistance
  • Improve the quality and quantity of your referrals
  • Boost your word of mouth marketing power
  • Charge higher fees regardless of the economy
  • Book more business over competitors who are essentially "invisible" where it counts the most - in front of buyers and influencers!

As a professional services firm principal or solo practitioner, IMAGINE...

  • professional services marketing firmIf you had more freedom to spend your time doing nothing but what you love and are extremely awesome at (serving your clients, creating more value for prospects, proactively leading your firm, etc.)
  • How many more clients you could get if you had a professional marketing and lead generation team working for you day in and day out for 30 days and then they handed the keys over to you with ALL the templates, tools, and tactics so you could keep going on your own - month after month, year after year...
  • How many opportunities you might be losing when you don't market consistently, don't follow up, don't relentlessly pursue referrals and spinoff, and otherwise let "life get in the way"...
  • Your NEW level of focus and productivity when NEW prospects, leads, and meaningful conversations start landing on your calendar, almost as if by magic

Business Liftoff is a defined 30-Day Program where you get:

  • professional services marketing helpCustomized Inbound Marketing Gameplan PLUS 30 days of "Done-with-You" implementation services
  • Social media monitoring and management (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blog)
  • Targeted connection-building and online prospecting with high-probability decision-makers
  • Offline and online niche public relations including article submission to hand-selected target publications and pursuing webinar opportunities
  • Dedicated Do It! Marketing account team
  • Full campaign management
  • Detailed and specific advice around YOUR particular marketing and lead generation challenges
  • Inbound marketing audit, Platform audit, and Content audit to identify and close gaps in your online and offline marketing mix once your 30-day program ends so you can continue building your momentum on your own...

If you'd like to learn more, call me at 610-716-5984 or drop me an email at and we'll talk about how we might help YOU become more visible, more credible, and more BUY-able... while becoming even more successful! 


-- Daviddone for you  marketing david newman

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