Theresa French, Managing Director

Theresa-sm.pngI'm a master of the “never give up” mindset.

I know resilience and have intimate relationship with reinvention… often referred to as the Reinvention Renegade. Nothing is ever over, the end is always an exciting beginning to whatever is next. With diverse accomplishments in numerous industries throughout my career as a speaker, coach, business consultant and marketing consultant, I am a fresh breath to the noisy, complex world of business. My intuitive, no excuses, transformational approach to business and workforce development is second only to the passion and energy I have for seeing clients reach their full potential as the best versions they can be of themselves in business and in life.

I have earned several coaching certifications including certification as a Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Relationship Coach (CRC) specializing in Step Family Dynamics, and is certified as a John Maxwell Team certified coach, trainer and speaker. I am currently working on my certification in Conversational Intelligence.

Here's a bit more about me:

Favorite Quote: “When we can no longer change our circumstances, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~Victor E. Frankl

Awareness of who we are and the purpose we wish to pursue in all endeavors in life is the fuel that powers change… not only in ourselves but in our families, our communities, and the world. My greatest aspiration is to stomp out status quo and raise up leaders whom others can’t help but to be inspired to follow.

Books that have changed my perspective on life and leadership:
Man’s Search for Meaning ~ Victor E. Frankl
15 Invaluable Laws of Growth ~ John C. Maxwell
The Dip ~ Seth Godin
I Thought it Was Just me ~ Brene Brown

Things that might surprise you:

  • I love mustard on my tuna fish sandwich
  • One of my 3 career choices in high schools was to become a choreographer but decided against it because I had a big thighs
  • I was voted and won “best hair” at my high school graduation party and went on to win 4 more “best hair” contests as an adult.
  • At one time, I owned over 400lbs of dog- 3 English Mastiffs who were my office mates during the day.
  • I’m a grandma to 3 amazing grandkids, my oldest is 10.
  • In my spare time, I’m a vocalist and sing for weddings, funerals, and church.
  • I love drag racing and raced an alcohol dragster once (now I’m a pit wife supporting my husband’s race passions)