Episode 91: Rod Santomassimo

Best-Selling Author. Consultant. Coach. Speaker. Innovator.

By combining his own experience with the development of groundbreaking tools, Rod N. Santomassimo has become the pre-eminent educator in commercial real estate — his clients’ and readers’ results are a testament to his pioneering and effective coaching system and broad knowledge of how to succeed in an ever-changing industry.

Rod takes us back to how he built the empire he has today through his investments in coaching, including David’s High Fee Mastery classes, membership integrations, and structuring his business to save on taxes!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Becoming the guru of commercial real estate success
  • Customer personas/avatars
  • Why Rod prefers self-paying clients
  • Rod’s coaching programs
  • How David’s High Fee Mastery classes helped Rod in his business
  • Building his website
  • Integrating membership, ALWAYS
  • Live sessions and events for peer and mastermind groups
  • Spending a day with Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Rod’s evolution as a leader
  • Structuring your business to minimize taxes

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