How To Launch (Or Re-Launch) Your Expertise-Based Business In Turbulent And Uncertain Times


The Speaking Show with David Newman

The Speaking Show, regularly ranked as a Top 50 business podcast on iTunes, is an interview / educational show focused on a core audience of speakers, consultants, and thought-leading executives and entrepreneurs where you share your advice, insights, and experience on the business of speaking — plus some teaching that showcases your expertise in your industry.

I want this to be a successful interview for you, so please review the following information about the show format, recording the interview, and some of the questions.

1. The Interview

Time needed to record the interview does not typically exceed 45 minutes. I will try to keep the actual interview to 30 minutes. Below is the interview flow for your review. Based on experience and feedback, CONCRETE stories, examples, and action steps are key to inspiring the listener to learn more about you and take action.

We’ll speak briefly before we start recording to check the sound and answer any final questions you might have. I might ask you to pronounce your name for me. Then we’ll start recording. I will introduce you and your expertise and the topic we’re covering, and welcome you to the show.

Relax! This is not a live recording, so if you need to restate something, please do – it’s perfectly fine for your to re-record a sentence where you’ve stumbled over a word, or gotten a fact wrong. Every show is edited after it is recorded.

Typical Questions

  • Your expertise is in ______. How did that come to be your "thing"?
  • How did you start your business and what would you do differently -- or not at all -- today?
  • Examples of speakers/experts who successfully “get it” as it relates to your topic?
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes speakers are making (or not taking advantage of) from your perspective?
  • What are your favorite key ideas, questions, and concepts you share with your clients and audiences?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Each interview is a person-to-person conversation like we're having coffee together. There is no "cookie cutter" script and every show takes on the personality of the guest.
  • We'll decide on a theme/angle for your interview and then let the conversation unfold!

Wrap Up

  • If listeners took only one thing away from this conversation, what would you hope it would be?
  • What books have inspired your work and career?
  • How best can listeners learn more about you and your business? Any resources to share?

I’ll then thank you for the interview.

If we have time and you’re willing, I’ll ask you to say the following so it can be edited into the very beginning of your podcast episode before the intro:

“This is [your name], from [company name] and you’re listening to The Speaking Show with David Newman.”

2. Schedule Your Interview

Please click the link below to select a date and time for your interview. I try to interview one expert per week which gives me time to prepare just before the interview. As a result, sometimes there is a 1-2 week delay in availability.

If none of the dates or times are convenient, please let me know when you are available and we’ll coordinate. (For instance, sometimes the North American time zones can be a challenge for guests in the Asia–Pacific region.)

Click here to select your interview date and time

3. Show Prep & Uploads

At your earliest convenience, please provide hi-res files of your headshot and book cover image (if we’re talking about your book)

You may upload the artwork and files by clicking the link below. Or, you may email the files to my team: sam (@) – Otherwise, I will do my best to get the correct images from the Internet.

Click here to upload your files

Also, if you have a bio prepared that I may use please upload or email that, too. Otherwise, I will prepare one based on your book, website and/or LinkedIn profile.

If you have any links, videos, downloads or resources that you’d like included in the show notes, please provide those as well. Otherwise, as things that can be linked to are mentioned in the interview, I’ll include them in the show notes.

4. Technical Details (this is real important)

The show is an audio-only podcast and we will be conducting the interview over Zoom video conferencing.

When you book your interview time, your confirmation email [and accompanying calendar item] will contain the correct Zoom URL you need to click to join the call.

We will connect on Zoom at the appointed time.

For the best sound quality, please:

  • Be in a quiet place for the interview (e.g. not a coffee shop or airport terminal)
  • Avoid being in a room with a lot of echo.
  • If you can avoid using hotel wifi, do it. (Using your cell phone as a mobile hotspot is a good alternative)
  • Silence your phone(s)
  • Make sure your Zoom audio preferences are set to use your headset/microphone
  • Silence your Skype notifications (Here's how)
  • Turn off other applications that might be running on your computer. Restart your computer.
  • Use a headset with a built in microphone ☜ VERY IMPORTANT (If you do not use a headset, my voice may come out of your speakers and will be picked up as an echo. This does not sound good.)

If you do not have a good headset or quality USB microphone that plugs into your computer, this might be a good time to get one.

For around $50 the Blue Snowball ICE microphone is an excellent value and will make you sound great.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email Sam Williams, our amazing Operations Manager.

5. Brag zone...

Legal Stuff: By participating in the The Speaking Show podcast, you agree to allow Do It! Marketing® to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow Do It! Marketing® to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, videos, and in all other public distribution.


How to Launch (or Re-Launch) Your Expertise-Based Business in Turbulent and Uncertain Times

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