Episode 48: Kathy Parry & John Ramstead

Kathy Parry works with leading professional services firms including: Consulting, Accounting and Banking that want to energize employees in order to boost performance, increase retention and improve staff utilization.

John Ramstead began as a Navy pilot, having flown during Desert Storm before becoming a successful startup entrepreneur and joining the management team of a Fortune 100 company. Today, John is the founder of Beyond Influence LLC, a global leadership coaching and consulting firm.

Kathy and John share with David their experiences before, during, and after working with Do It! Marketing and how it has affected their business, income, and overall mindset.

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Their first successes since using David’s strategies
  • What was missing prior to working with Do It! Marketing
  • Why they ultimately chose to work with David
  • What they learned from working with David
  • Fee difference between before and after working with Do It! Marketing
  • Advice to those on the fence with using David’s services

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