Episode 56: Mary Foley

Mary is the author of three books, a popular national speaker, and former co-host of the Girlfriend We Gotta Talk! radio show. Her latest book, Live Like Your Nail Color, Even If You Have Naked Nails became an instant Amazon bestseller. Mary inspires women with practical advice to create sanity for their lives and confidence for their careers – all while having a bit of fun!

Mary and David talk about the best ways to prevent yourself from giving a boring presentation. Some of these ways include how you acquire your content, utilizing technology, and more.

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Speed bumps speakers will run into when switching up their presentation
  • Let the audience create content
  • Technology - A potential threat to speakers and experts
  • Preparing for AI takeover
  • Use fewer points of info and more ways to interact with those points
  • Utilizing technology effectively in improving your presentation
  • A speaker’s job is not to give information, but to give insight

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