How To Launch (Or Re-Launch) Your Expertise-Based Business In Turbulent And Uncertain Times


Episode 160

Hands-Off CEO with Mandi Ellefson

Episode 160: Mandi Ellefson

Mandi is the creator of the Scale to Freedom Scalable Service Growth™ model. She leads consulting agency owners to have lives with greater freedom and success. Mandi has consulted with over hundred consulting agency CEOs. She’s helped them immediately free up to 20-50% of their work week to focus on accelerating profits.

Mandi Ellefson talks about how she and her company scale and grow businesses without having to work 24 hours a day, giving us important traits to look out for when trying to scale your business!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Mandi's professional journey
  • Preparing to scale as a solopreneur
  • Why freelancers easily get stuck
  • Improve your service before your marketing
  • Know how your work impacts the business
  • Defined outcome vs guaranteed outcome
  • Trimming commodities
  • Find which customers COST you money
  • Discovering hidden profits
  • Tune into what our customers really want to buy

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