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Episode 187

The Master Communicator with Karen Friedman

Episode 187: Karen Friedman

Karen Friedman is an international communications expert who has worked with professionals on four continents. Author of the best-selling book Shut Up and Say Something, and Ordinary People: Extraordinary Lessons, she heads Karen Friedman Enterprises, Inc. which has been teaching professionals how to become more compelling communicators for two decades.

Karen talks about how our communication is affected by remote video conferencing and how to maintain a clear message. She also talks about writing for the Philadelphia Business Journal, pivoting her business, professional speaking as a skill, and more!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Stumbling blocks in communicating remotely
  • Competing for attention
  • Writing for the Philadelphia Business Journal
  • Amplifying your voice for video
  • Avoiding video calls on the computer when possible
  • Using a teleprompter/bullet point notes
  • Learning the skill of speaking professionally
  • Using PowerPoint in video conferences
  • Pivoting her business through the pandemic

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