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Episode 41

Get to the Point! with Joel Schwartzberg

Episode 41: Joel Schwartzberg

Award-Winning Author and Strategic Communications Trainer Joel Schwartzberg has been teaching effective communications and public speaking techniques for more than ten years. His unique approach helps both novice and experienced presenters identify, sharpen, and powerfully convey their most important ideas in speeches, panels, interviews, meetings — any moment in which delivering a strong point is imperative to their job, their reputation, and their success.

Joel and David talk about the fine art of speaking at its core! Breaking down the elements of an effective presentation and getting straight to the point!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Why you need a point in your presentation
  • ‘Badjectives’ and how they hurt communication
  • Adding specific descriptors to your vocabulary
  • Focus on what they need to hear, not what you want to say
  • Volume, pacing, etc…when presenting or speaking
  • Helpful and not helpful ways of practicing
  • Starting and finishing a speech with confidence
  • ‘Last slide syndrome’ and how to avoid it

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