156: Speaker Growth Strategies with James Taylor

James Taylor – who started his career managing high profile rock stars – is now an in-demand keynote speaker and internationally recognized leader in business creativity, innovation, and artificial intelligence. For over 20 years, he has been advising CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, governments, and leaders from Silicon Valley to Singapore on how to build innovative organizations, unlock creative potential, and increase productivity. His speaking clients include IBM, Apple, McDonald’s, Honeywell, Visa, and UPS.

James talks about his transition from the music industry to creating online courses and seminars to building his speaking business. He also goes into detail about his offerings, why he moved to a membership-based model, and how he chooses the projects that are right for him!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Selling during the pandemic
  • From music to online courses to speaking
  • What “C School” is
  • Speakers U
  • Moving to a membership-based business model
  • 4 things that move your business
  • Client vetting process
  • Relying on multiple revenue streams

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