How To Launch (Or Re-Launch) Your Expertise-Based Business In Turbulent And Uncertain Times


Episode 168

The Elegant Warrior with Heather Hansen

168: Heather Hansen

Facts tell, stories sell, but advocates win. You can win sales, attention, loyalty and clients using the tools of an advocate, and Heather Hansen will show you how.

Heather is the author of the best-seller The Elegant Warrior: How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself, which Publishers Weekly calls a “template to achieving personal and career success”. She is also the host of The Elegant Warrior podcast, where guests share their definitions of elegance and how they maintain it during times of trial.

The Elegant Warrior, Heather Hansen joins us on the podcast to discuss breaking up fee structures, effective prospecting, her upcoming book, and much more!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Heather's professional journey
  • Diversifying your message
  • Breaking up fee structures
  • Effective prospecting
  • Finding the right title for yourself to make introductions
  • Why write everyday
  • One of the best ways to sell books
  • Who can best advocate your ideas

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