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Episode 164

Building a Marketing Empire with Eric Keiles

Episode 164: Eric Keiles

Eric Keiles is a leading sales and marketing strategist focused on pioneering a new marketing methodology. Eric, along with his business partner Mike Lieberman, coined the concept Reality Marketing™ to describe how businesses can utilize cost-effective inbound marketing tactics to achieve dramatic revenue growth. They are leading the revolution in how entrepreneurs change the way they think about marketing their companies. MarketingSherpa has called the duo “original and contrarian marketers.”

Eric talks about how he utilizes marketing tools like HubSpot to close the gap between marketing data and what to do with it. He also talks about his latest book, Smash the Funnel and the Cyclonic Buyer’s Journey!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Getting into marketing presentations
  • Why C-level executives should use speaking throughout their company’s life cycles
  • Eric’s professional journey
  • You do not need a salesperson for information
  • Be expensive or free
  • Cyclonic Buyer’s Journey
  • Mitigating risks and promises

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