154: Teach Your Gift with Danny Iny

Danny Iny is an educator, author, and entrepreneur who is on a mission to reimagine business and transform education.

As the founder and CEO of Mirasee, a business education company, Danny has developed innovative training programs that have raised the bar for online education.

In this episode, Danny talks about his new book, “Teach Your Gift”, and shares with us how he finds the time to create so much content and some best practices to create effective online courses!

In This Episode, You'll Learn about...

  • Finding time to create content
  • From losing one business to starting another
  • The passive income myth
  • What a transformational course is
  • 3 steps in the learning journey
  • The best ways to get feedback when creating courses
  • Selling courses B2B
  • 2 reasons why people do not want to do an online course

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