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If you're on this page, you've been invited to a 1-on-1 Confidential Speaker Strategy Session to take a good look at your business as a speaker, consultant, coach, or high-fee expert and help you identify exactly what's working and what's not - and how to improve your results FAST... 1. Click below to choose your preferred time and then 2. Answer the questions on our prep form so that you can hit the ground running and 3. Maximize the value of your consultation time:

"From free to $7,500 to $30,000 in 60 days"
Susan is an accomplished corporate consultant who hadn't cracked the speaking code - until now. Listen to her story.
Highlights: "I'd gotten burned before but this felt different" "Frankly, I was thinking about giving up" "Worth every penny" "Got $7,500 fee 4 weeks in and several more since" "Two weeks later, closed a $3,500 event I would've done for free" "Talking to someone now about a 2-day program for $30,000" "The biggest obstacle to your own success is YOU"

"Annual revenue increased by a factor of 8X"
Joe came into the program undercharging and under-earning. Listen to his story below.
Highlights: "Made my investment in your program back in 3 weeks" "Clarity on how to make $10,000 a month and then $20,000 a month" "I've had a $20,000 WEEK" "Annual revenue increased by a factor of 8X" "Revenue already booked into next year is up 5X" "Raised my fees from $750 to $5,000 and up"

"Clarity on messaging, marketing, and money"
Beth was a great speaker who had never been paid a serious speaking fee. Listen to her story below.
Highlights: "Gave me the confidence, the organization, the system" "Detailed steps plus tough love plus the hand-holding I needed" "I'll be using this material for the next 5 years" "An operating manual for my speaking-driven business" "I made 2 or 3 years of progress in 8 weeks" "My investment has already paid off a number of times"

"This program changed everything for me"
Sardek already had a training business but he wanted more speaking and more money. Listen to his story below.
Highlights: "This program got me onto the international speaking circuit" "I went from charging $1,500-$2,500 to immediately jumping my fee to $7,500 on my way to $10K" "Looking at other coaches and gurus, the value you bring is not even close" "IF you implement, this stuff WORKS." "I've only implemented 30% and I'm getting these results!"
"$225,000 in sponsors and new fee is $6,500"
Mike is a 30-year speaking veteran, specializing in education who pivoted to business. Listen to his story below.
Highlights: "I've talked to 2.5 million people but I was always hunting my next wabbit" "Increased my business ten-fold" "I had to drill down to become a real problem-solver" "I closed a $75K/year 3-year contract" "I was on the fence - what would my wife say?" "I'm getting $6,500 consistently" "All in, I'm at $300,000 of new revenue" "Wish I found you 10 years ago"

"Total confidence charging far more than I used to"
Gerry uses speaking and seminars to grow his consulting business. Listen to his story below.
Highlights: "Your program pulled all the threads together" "I'm reinspired about my speaking business" "Gave me a plan to increase speaking revenue" "Total confidence charging far more than I used to" "The right scope and sequence so everything is doable and not overwhelming" "Exactly the kind of kick ass, get-it-done program I need"

"The $11,000 man who's finally charging for value"
Alfred is a true renaissance man who could not get traction monetizing his expertise, Until now. Listen to his story.
Highlights: "Extremely effective at innoculating us from the low fee/no fee speaking trap" "Absolutely laid out a path for me that was clear so I knew exactly where I was going and how to get there fast" "Very quickly, I was totally comfortable charging $5,500 and I'm getting it" "I quoted $11,000 for a 2-day event; they accepted it without blinking an eye"

"Made me realize money is not a 4-letter word!"
Kate is a top social selling expert who had only one problem: selling herself. Listen to her story below.
Highlights: "The money mindset shift was huge" "I tripled my fees from $1,500 to $4,500 at a minimum" "This helped me raise prices for all my work, not just speaking" "For the first time, it made hitting $200,000 a year in revenue totally doable" "You pushed me into dammit I'm going to make it work this time!" "I'm done with small potatoes thinking"

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