How to Market, Promote & Profit from a Non-fiction Business Book...

and Get the Reviews, Sales, Clients, and Recognition You Deserve

It all started on Facebook with this post...

Book Marketing Workshop Do It Marketing

And then my friend and client Nancy Weil posted this in response:

Book Marketing Workshop NW

So the answer is YES... 

I WILL share with you how I accomplished all of those things.

And much more importantly - you'll discover how YOU can, too... 

Step by step.

Day by day. 

This 7-module virtual workshop is for YOU - whether you have your finished book in hand OR whether you are just starting to think about writing your book... these book marketing strategies will be vitally important to your success. 

Listen, you're a smart cookie. You already know that writing a book helps you with: 

  • Impressing your existing clients
  • Establishing a platform
  • Getting more leads
  • Making money directly from the book
  • Making money from speaking and consulting engagements

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1 Payment $1,977
(Save $354)
Easy-Pay 3 Payments
of only $777
speaker marketing workshop speaker marketing workshop

Nancy Weil HS"David Newman packs more useful information into one hour than most consultants give you during their entire program. He delivers on his promise to help you sell more books, make more money, have more fun and re-invigorate your business."
-- Nancy Weil, author of "If Stress Doesn't Kill You, Your Family Might" 

This is for YOU...

Whether you’re new to authorship, or if you’re a seasoned veteran; If your book has sold fewer than 5,000 copies AND you want to grow your author platform to the next level...

do it marketing accelerator programIf, on the other hand, you’re NOT ready to build your business around your book, or you feel that you DON’T want to make a great living doing something you LOVE powered by your book and its impact, then please exit this page immediately, with my sincere apologies for wasting your time.

Still reading??

GREAT! I thought so...

That means you’re dedicated to building a more substantial, secure, and profitable author-expert platform... in which case, we’re sure to become fast friends!

kip marlow"David Newman’s Book Marketing Workshop gave me some HUGE insights and action items to help me achieve my sales goals. Just the strategies on bulk sales alone was a game changer. The program was loaded with lots of smart, specific, and actionable information from someone who is both an outstanding marketer and an outstanding teacher of marketing principles and practices that anyone can use to boost their sales. I am officially now a ‘David Disciple’!”
-- Kip Marlow, Author, “The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice"  

Here are the 5 MAIN REASONS this program will boost your success...

...and what you’ll discover in the Do It! Marketing™ Book Marketing Workshop:

  1. small business marketing mastermind groupSell More Books WITHOUT breaking the bank with expensive paid advertising, phony amazon bestseller campaigns or crazy-expensive "book publicists"
  2. Know What to Do at Every Step so that you build your "book marketing machine." We'll cover everything from how to get high-profile book endorsements from well-known experts; how to capture email addresses to build your list; how to garner dozens of 5-star amazon reviews and the KEY book marketing strategies you need BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your book is published
  3. Get the EXACT Templates, Scripts, Emails, Announcements, and Followup Marketing Messages I used to sell over 12,000 books in just 18 months, gain major media coverage with reviews and interviews (see this link), and continuously stay in the Top 10 amazon rankings since my book's publication
  4. Start Building Systems that will support your book AND your business as it grows so that you get up every day knowing EXACTLY how to invest your time, money, energy, and resources to generate RESULTS. (Yes, we'll talk about social media, blogging, articles, and how to build your marketing and editorial calendars to maximize your success!)
  5. Implement a Perpetual Marketing Plan that fits YOU, your book, and your particular strengths, personality and preferences AND sells your books, programs, and services - month after month, year after year. (We'll also explore how your book might be a great candidate for bulk book sales to associations, corporations, and non-profit groups. And you'll get the pitch letter template and specific instructions on using it!)

The Do It! Marketing™ Book Marketing Workshop will help you break through marketing overwhelm and give you a clear path and a plan to monetize all your time, effort, experience, and expertise that you've invested into your book. 

marketing mastermind marketing coachingThis program includes:

  • 7 In-depth Video Training Modules — filled with strategies, tactics, tools and templates all laid out for you. Nothing is assumed and nothing is left out. You get the A-to-Z toolkit on everything you need to make your book successful in clear and actionable steps
  • Full Recordings, Transcripts, and Downloads — so that you never miss a beat and can re-watch, re-listen and re-read every course module, and refer to it anytime for years to come
  • Master File Library — this is where you'll access every file, template, tool, script, cheat sheet, and resource PLUS some bonus material that I'll post in response to specific requests from YOU and your fellow authors 
  • Private Facebook Group for Book Marketing Workshop Members — Ask and answer questions, get advice, insights, and recommendations 24/7 in our private Facebook mastermind forum
mj shaar"Writing books is the easy and fun part. Selling books is the real challenge. When I enrolled in David's book marketing program, I was hoping for strategies, tactics, templates, cheat sheets, and tools to alleviate the heavy lifting. David delivered massive quantities of those! But above and beyond that, I received the unconditional support of a true maven who cared enough about my success to give me individual attention throughout the process. David was generous with his time, proficient in his answers, and committed in his attitude. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has written a book, is writing a book, or is considering writing a book!”
-- MJ Shaar, Author of “Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person's Guide to Optimal Health and Performance”

Here's the 7-part OUTLINE and exactly what you'll get in each module:


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marketing mastermind marketing coaching groupTop 5 things we will NOT cover:

    1. How to write a book. This is a book MARKETING workshop, not a book WRITING workshop
    2. How to become famous, get on Oprah (ha!) or become a celebrity. Again, the focus of this program is for book marketing to help you SELL more books; not to boost your ego or to see yourself on TV 
    3. How to become a professional speaker, coach, consultant, or guru. Maybe you're already one or more of these and maybe you're not - but this program isn't about that. It IS about using your book to GROW your business as a speaker, consultant or high-fee expert
    4. How to become an amazon #1 bestseller for 90 minutes on a random Tuesday night at 2am by giving away your FREE Kindle book. As a GENUINE and LASTING amazon best-selling author, these unethical schemes that are pitched to naive first-time authors make me boiling mad. Besides the fact that they cost $5,000 and up - they don't work, they don't last, and they generally sell less than 200 books (you read that right) PLUS the jig is up with these phony campaigns because immediately afterwards, your book sales plummet to zero. This program is focused on LASTING success and boosting your short- and long-term sales numbers for years to come
    5. How to create and sell information products like video series, audio programs, workbooks, online courses, membership websites, etc. These might all be a natural extension of your business and/or your book. But again, this program is called the BOOK Marketing Workshop so that's our main focus
1 Payment $1,977
(Save $354)
Easy-Pay 3 Payments
of only $777
speaker marketing workshop speaker marketing workshop

Andy Foy"David’s program is excellent, and I learned a tremendous amount that I would not otherwise have known—don’t know where else I could have gone for so much info, direction and experience. If you’ve been putting off the writing the book you know you should be writing, this is the kick in the tail you’ve been waiting for. David Newman is a true champion for consultants and authors! Great energy, great heart, and great knowledge of marketing and what REALLY works!"
-- Andy Foy, President, Wintergreen HR Consulting

Committed to your success...

I am committed to making it possible for authors like you to get the marketing tools, training, and support you need to make your book successful.

Everything is laid out for you - what to do and how to do it from 6 months before publication to many months (or years) after to revitalize your book sales OR to help you get it right the first time and give your book the audience, endorsements, reviews, sales and recognition it deserves. 

And this format is designed to allow even super-busy authors like you to get the marketing help you want and to create a booming business around your book.

book marketing workshop logo1

1 Payment $1,977
(Save $354)
Easy-Pay 3 Payments
of only $777
speaker marketing workshop speaker marketing workshop

mary foley"Too many workshops promise you the moon and only give you a tour of the launching pad. David Newman’s workshop sends you like a rocket to Jupiter! His incredible combo of specific strategies, tools, and takeaways based on real world experience, along with his infectious, authentic enthusiasm makes his workshop stand out and makes you stand up and start marketing like a pro.
-- Mary Foley, Author, “Live Like Your Nail Color” & “Bodacious Career!”  

Imagine what your life will look like...

Once you start to consistently sell more books to more people...

  1. Your ongoing book sales will be a proud accomplishment to enhance your professional image
  2. You'll know exactly the type of readers (and clients) you want to serve and where to find them
  3. You'll get laser-focused on how to invest your time, effort, energy and priorities
  4. You'll be positioned as an expert
  5. You'll feel extremely confident as your financial worries fade away
  6. You'll crisply articulate how your book and your business helps your clients
  7. You'll trust yourself more than ever
  8. You'll do ONLY marketing tasks that you find easy, effortless, and enjoyable
  9. You'll feel inspired, supported, and motivated to take action
stacey"When it comes to giving expert advice to experts, including speakers, authors and consultants, David Newman is on the leading edge in the marketing category. After 20+ years in the expert industry myself, including working closely with the greats like Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes, the true strategy stars stand out – and David is one of them."
-- Stacey Hylen,  

Bottom line it for me - how much, where, when, why?

Clients pay $1,000 to work with me for a SINGLE hour on the phone.

My marketing mentor clients pay $9,500 for a 90-day program where I share these same book marketing strategies, templates, tools, and approaches.

Obviously, you're not going to spend $9,500 on the Book Marketing Workshop...

The entire program is 3 easy payments of $777 because I wanted to keep it super-affordable... and you can save even more if you make a single payment of $1,977 (an additional $354 in savings!)

For $1,977 you get access to a mentor who has DONE what YOU want to do plus 7 "exactly-how-to" in-depth training modules (video, audio, transcripts, tools, templates, scripts) for bringing your book's full potential out into the world as you build your business around your book and its new-found success.

It's just that simple.

WHENAnytime evergreen access - listen, download, or take everything mobile on your smart phone or tablet

ONLINE: 24/7 Access to the Book Marketing Workshop Private Facebook Group, Video Training Modules, Bonus Audio Recordings (mp3), Word-for-word Transcripts (doc/pdf), BMW File Library PLUS "By-request" Bonus Content and Tools

LIMITED SPOTS: This will be a small group to ensure you get maximum value from me and from your fellow authors 

Join using the button below and let's sell some books! 


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1 Payment $1,977
(Save $354)
Easy-Pay 3 Payments
of only $777
speaker marketing workshop speaker marketing workshop