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Marketing Coach: 7 Keys to Speaker Marketing Success Part 1

lecture circuit for speakers authors high-fee expertsAs you know, most of my work is dedicated to boosting the success of entrepreneurial and executive speakers - meaning, both professional speakers AND professionals who speak. 

Whether you are a professional speaker, author, or high-fee expert OR a thought-leading corporate executive, your marketing success depends on developing a personal brand with some pretty serious horsepower.

Not necessarily superstar celebrity status, but you also can’t look like you’re fresh off the pumpkin truck.

So what does that mean?

Let’s do a quick audit of your assets and resources:

  1. Is your website strong and credible with bold graphics and professional design?
  2. Do you have an abundance of testimonials and third-party endorsements?
  3. Are you regularly quoted in the mainstream media and industry publications?
  4. Is your blog top-quality and updated regularly? (You do have a blog, right?)
  5. Are your social media accounts current, updated regularly and growing?
  6. Are you speaking regularly at local, regional and national events?
  7. Are you getting interviewed and profiled by other experts in your field?
  8. (Bonus) Are you creating and publishing original research, surveys and reports?

Now at this point, I’ve scared almost everyone... Sounds like an awful lot of work, doesn't it?

My encouragement to you is this - DON’T give up.

ALL of these assets and resources can be beefed up and made ready for prime time with a little bit of concerted effort and perhaps some outside help and guidance.

Tomorrow, I'll give you step-by-step guidance on how to get started on each of these.

Until then, please us the COMMENTS area below to share your insights and experiences building up your own levels of speaker marketing success...

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