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Marketing Speaker: Marketing is Everyone's Business

Marketing speaker marketing coach Almost 10 years ago, I wrote an article for the Philadelphia Business
Journal (and an abbreviated version for entitled "Marketing is Everyone's Business."

Upon re-reading it recently, I came to the sad conclusion that the article wasn't that strong although the concept behind it was HUGE then - and it is still HUGE today...

It was inspired by my 10-minute conversation with Susan Bach
of Adolor Corporation in Exton, PA. Susan gave me more
information about her company and their positioning,
products, and future plans for new drugs than most brand
managers at competing companies could have done. The catch?
She's the HR Director.

The bottom line: You gotta KNOW the business and MARKET the
products, services, and value prop no matter what the title on your business card. Great companies KNOW this and TRAIN for it. Does yours?

David Newman is a marketing speaker and marketing coach who works with professionals who want to do a better job of marketing so they get more leads, better prospects, and bigger sales.

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