How To Launch (Or Re-Launch) Your Expertise-Based Business In Turbulent And Uncertain Times




How to Launch (or Re-Launch) Your Expertise-Based Business in Turbulent and Uncertain Times

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You’re a thought-leading entrepreneur or executive who wants to market your message, monetize your expertise, and maximize your influence

…and you want to use the power of speaking to unleash more leads, better prospects, and bigger sales.

There’s no time to waste because you’ve tried other speaker coaches, do-it-yourself courses, and “millionaire speaker” bootcamps that promised the moon but grossly under-delivered. The difference now? You’re ready for real results. And not just someday, but starting right now.

You want to work with premium clients at premium fees. The ones who understand that you’re a true expert in your field. Who treat you like a partner, not a peddler. Who rely on you as a peer and trusted advisor, not a lowly “vendor.”

Without a repeatable system and reliable process to market your message, you’re in trouble. There’s more noise in the speaker/expert marketplace than ever before — and it’s only getting tougher to be heard, win attention, and get paid as an expert who speaks professionally.

The dirty little secret

Most speaker marketing strategies being taught today are outdated, misguided, or just plain don’t work. Make 100 cold calls a day? Blast out 10,000 postcards? Spam your whole network on Linkedin? Really?

Or worse – assign yourself 100 marketing jobs that you hate – blogging, podcasting, YouTube, Live streaming, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC, launches, webinars, video series, guest posting, get on radio, get on TV, write press releases, network with strangers, speak everywhere for free, write a book, host your own conference, climb Mount Everest (kidding on that last one)… just reading that list is exhausting, right?

Never confuse visibility or credibility strategies with MMA – Money Making Activity.

The fact is there’s a huge difference between “marketing for the sake of marketing” and what we show our clients – which is marketing that WORKS to bring in new leads, clients, and sales.

Do It! Marketing® is different

We teach our clients proven thought-leadership marketing techniques that work and last.

And we give you everything you need from positioning, packaging, messaging, prospecting, outreach, sales, pricing, proposal reviews, templates, tools, scripts – even scaling and leverage strategies to help you monetize corporate sponsorships, licensing your intellectual property, or creating online courses.

PLUS the mindset support to take action and the accountability to make sure you get on track and stay on track to create radical and rapid transformations in your business.

This is why we’ve worked with over 800 speakers, consultants, and executives to help them create amazing results. Our process just works.

Welcome to our website. Have a look at our About page. Click on our Clients page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, click to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients dramatically grow their business as experts who speak professionally… without all the marketing monkey work that you hate.

Welcome to Do It! Marketing.

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What do you want to know about today?

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How to Launch (or Re-Launch) Your Expertise-Based Business in Turbulent and Uncertain Times

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