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Weird phobias:

  • Birds
  • Monkeys
  • Elevators

When times are tough, you'll find me:

  • Surrounded by family and friends
  • At the gym 24-7
  • Up at 3am watching infomercials and seriously considering buying every product
  • Reaching out to help others who need it

Top Concerts:

  • U2 at The Pepsi Center
  • The 10 or so times I’ve seen The Roots (various locations)
  • Bjork at Red Rocks – (If you are a live music fan and haven’t been to Red Rocks in CO, get there ASAP!)

Favorite advice:

“Turn a negative to a positive” - Chuck Kochenberger
(My Dad)

Katie Hanna, Marketing Manager

Speaker marketing agent Katie KochenbergerGrowing up in a loud Italian family (mom’s side of course) where everyone is talking at the same time ALL THE TIME, I learned to be entertaining, funny, and relevant to get the spotlight. 

I’ll be the first person to “tell it like it is.”  This has helped me professionally to focus on what’s important and move forward to achieve goals quickly and efficiently.  Being around other passionate people is what I relish in life, so I couldn’t ask for a more perfect career pairing!

What I do:

Every day I learn from our amazing clients: speakers, authors and experts – I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such smart, talented, COOL people! 

And the fact that I get to build, implement and manage their strategic marketing is incredibly fulfilling.  The fun thing these days is that content expertise can be delivered in so many ways – online, offline, articles, blogs, video – I love finding the perfect delivery methods to boost each of our clients' visibility, influence and reach!

If only I could be more:  Filtered

Can’t live without:  Daily gut-holding laughs (Courtesy of that awesome husband and my awesome co-workers)

I never grow tired of Roof-top patio happy hours

Is a wimp when it comes to:


Favorite Comedian Right now:

Daniel Tosh

Favorite Band of All Time:

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Katie is certified!

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Currently I am obsessed with:

  • Spinning
  • Old School Hip Hop circa early ‘90s
  • My awesome (new) husband Jeff
  • My old dog Payton
  • My new dog Bella
  • Tennis – playing and watching the pros
  • Being the best friend, sister, daughter, niece, cousin, co-worker, employee, and Do It! Marketing Expert Agent possible!

Me in a Word:


Runner-up words from my people:

Extrovert, Problem-solver, Communicator, Determined, Feisty, Spirited, Intelligent, Humorous, Caring, Competitive, Optimistic, and “Loyal to a fault”

Early days...

I started my career in event marketing and sponsorship sales with a motorsports company where I worked on events like the Paris Race of Champions (Oui!), Indianapolis 500, NASCAR series, Grand Prix of Denver and Baja 1000. 

From the fast-paced (no pun intended) and excessive world of motorsports, I did a complete 180 and took a PR position in the non-profit world where I assisted entrepreneurs in building sustainable businesses in Colorado; and quickly came to the conclusion that the passion of an entrepreneur equals, if not surpasses, the passion of a race-car driver.