Speaker Marketing Toolkit™

10-week Hands-On Speaker Marketing Program

Dear Speaking Colleague,

As a professional speaker who spent almost a full year on “the other side of the table” booking speakers and experts for 160+ events, I want to show you how to grow your speaking, consulting, and professional services business and increase your visibility, credibility, and hire-ability!

Speaker Marketing Toolkit™ Program

As a thought-leading professional, do you...

  • Get stuck when trying to figure out what to do on a daily basis to attract more clients and generate more revenue...
  • Feel overwhelmed by the vast number of marketing options you could be - and feel you should be - doing to grow your business...
  • Regret being burned by so-called marketing "gurus" that promised a quick fix...
  • Suffer disappointment after disappointment when looking for marketing solutions that seem to work well for "everyone else..."
  • Fear that your business is sliding back to where you were 2-3 years ago rather than leaping ahead...
  • Find increased resistance today from clients and prospects about pricing...
  • Have more prospects saying "No" to you, notice more hesitance in hiring you, and are thus closing fewer sales than normal...
  • Get the feeling you're banging your head against the marketing wall - and all you have to show for it is a giant marketing headache...

Speaker marketing coach, marketing speakerImagine a program that generates real results - No theory, no fluff, and no bull. And more importantly, NO MORE "stupid sales tricks" - chasing prospects - or spinning your wheels...

...just a steady stream of well-qualified prospects and thrilled clients eager to hire you, rehire you, and enthusiastically refer your services to others...

The Speaker Marketing Toolkit™ 10-week program will strip away the nonsense and arm you with EXACTLY-HOW-TO real-world, real-time marketing strategies, tactics, and tools - all focused on one goal: Getting you more clients, more revenue, and more profits... PLUS more flexibility and freedom in your life while securing your financial future.

You'll get a customized marketing toolkit thatMarketing speaker coach, professional speaker marketing FITS, WORKS and LASTS... and you're also getting the help and support you need over time to IMPLEMENT it to create RESULTS.

Here are just some of your skills and abilities that will improve as a result of this 10-week program:

  • Experience Marketing Detox: Stop poisoning your business with short-term "flavor of the month" initiatives and commit to a plan that works and lasts
  • Understand why results don't come from "quick fix" small business marketing
  • Double and triple fees while also raising your closing ratio
  • Go into Buying Rehab: Stop trying to spend your way out of a marketing slump
  • Beat Advertising Addiction: Stop wasting money on the least effective forms of marketing for your particular business model
  • Analyze the types of marketing activities that fit your unique personality, strengths, and preferences
  • Build (or rebuild) a detailed marketing "blueprint" with hand-selected marketing activities and tasks that you'll actually enjoy doing
  • Increase perceived value so you're considered a partner - not a "peddler"
  • Tailor a questioning plan and set specific goals for every phase of your marketing conversations
  • Gain an understanding of your prospect's real issues and help solve them
  • Anticipate buyer behavior to prevent fence-sitting and stalls
  • Implement a Perpetual Marketing Plan that brings results daily
  • Use "inbound marketing" strategies to attract clients and customers to your expertise, regardless of price and regardless of your competitive environment
  • Do what needs to be done (finally!) to create a permanent foundation for your entrepreneurial success

Marketing for speakersDuring the program, you will strip your business down to its core and build a clear, consistent, and compelling marketing toolkit so you walk away with the following ingredients completed and ready to deploy:

  • Crystal clear definition of your target market and what makes them "tick"
  • Detailed list of pains and obstacles your clients have when purchasing your category of product or service
  • Your "Marketing Language Bank" that speaks your clients' language about their own most pressing problems. You'll use and re-use this in one-sheets, website copy, sales letters, and in person to trigger buying decisions
  • Powerful "solution statements" that help you clearly articulate your value and strongly distinguish you from the competition
  • Risk reversal strategies that will turn fence-sitters into eager buyers - with zero buyers remorse after the sale
  • A complete arsenal of marketing tactics, filled-in templates, and completed exercises you can deploy immediately
  • A short-term revenue plan designed to generate new clients in the next 30 days
  • A thorough understanding of what to DO today so your marketing WORKS tomorrow, and next month, and next year

The BIG question that you probably want answered: Will these tools, strategies, and tactics work smack in the middle of this recession? When the meetings and events industry is teetering on the edge of irrelevance? When large corporations are imploding under their own weight? When many associations are struggling just to survive? Yes, they will... in fact, NOW MORE THAN EVER! Marketing Speaker - Marketing Coach

If you're new to the speaking industry, you’ll shave years off of your learning curve... and, if you're a seasoned speaker, this program may be the exact boost you’ve been looking for to launch (or re-launch) your business to its next level of success.

This one-of-a-kind program is personally led by me and delivered via weekly teleseminars, email, and web conferencing.

The real difference - we cross the chasm from information to implementation with weekly assignments that move you and your business forward in tangible, specific ways. You'll be amazed at your own progress starting the very first week!


speaker marketing coach questionsFrequently Asked Questions
(and Answers):


1.Will the calls be recorded in case I miss one or would like to re-listen and review?
Yes, each of our weekly calls will be recorded and available to you for later listening/review or in case you can't attend the live call. A few days after each call, you'll also be able to download a transcript in case you prefer reviewing the material we covered in written form.

2.When are our weekly calls scheduled?
Wednesdays from 2pm-3pm Eastern from October 3, 2012 through December 12, 2012. (There are built-in break weeks and catch-up weeks.)

3. Does the program include private consulting time where I will work with David individually on my speaking business?
Yes, I'll help you personally on an unlimited basis via email and also through our private web conferencing/forum site. In addition, you'll get two 30-minute calls with me 1-on-1 to use in any way you wish before, during, or after the full program.

4. Will there be a chance to learn from, connect to, and build relationships with the other speakers in our group?
Yes, you'll share resources, info, successes, challenges, questions, and answers with fellow participants
(and with me) 24-7 via our private web conferencing/forum site. Also, each weekly call will have a conversational segment; and you'll be able to connect with other participants to form mastermind relationships to keep each other accountable and moving forward long after the 10-week program is over.

5. Will I receive any written study materials when I register for the program?
Yes, as a participant you will receive a full electronic copy of my Speaker Marketing Toolkit Manual with over 150 pages of speaker-specific business building tools, templates, and worksheets. Includes bonus materials from some of the most successful speakers and marketers in the National Speakers Association, including Mark LeBlanc, Scott "Nametag Guy" Ginsberg, Terri Langhans CSP, Jim Mathis CSP, Lois Creamer, and Michael Soon Lee CSP.

6. I'm ready to sign up BUT... I'll be unavailable or traveling during part of the 10 weeks. Will I still get full value and maximum results from the program?
Yes you will. 
The program is teleseminar-driven (all recorded and transcribed for you) with email support and 24/7 online forum access. We use Yahoo! Groups for private online conferencing/forums and during the 10 weeks, I usually supplement your assignments with some bonus resources, audios, PDFs and one (sometimes two) open Q&A conference calls. Everything is archived, recorded and posted online so "real-time" attendance - although always good - is NOT required. Thus, you have maximum flexibility to absorb and apply the program at your own pace. 

7. OK, David - how much?
Because of the group nature of the program, your investment has been significantly reduced.

  • Your investment AFTER Sep 12 is $1,500
  • Early Bird: Your investment BEFORE Sep 12 is $1,200

And to make this program even more affordable, you can choose the 3-EASY PAYMENT OPTION (automated billing of $415 via credit card for 3 months = total of $1,245) but only until September 12, 2012.

This will be a small group to ensure you get maximum value from me and from your fellow participants. 

Enrollment is by application only. Email me at david@doitmarketing.com if you'd like to be considered for the program. I'll send you the application materials and guidelines right away.

I look forward to hearing from you if you're one of the FEW smart, brave, and committed professionals who want more focus, more momentum, more clients, and more fun in your thought-leading professional services business not someday - but right now.

 Speaker marketing coaching

Marketing coach for professional speakers




-- David Newman