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Funny as hell business card ideas - your input needed...

Here's the deal - a boring, plain, blah business card costs just as much to print as a funny, powerful, and attractive business card.


Which category does YOUR business card fall into?

Right now, I'm trying to create a creative, funny, inspirational business card that's gonna have a strong "pass around" factor - funny as hell... or different... or something.

I gave my awesome designer, Erin Hyland, of a design assignment - actually it's not just a design assignment, it's a creative assignment.

What do YOU think of any of the following ideas?

Starters / initial thoughts: I wanted to put something clever on the back, such as:

If you hate marketers, I'm a professional speaker... If you hate professional speakers, I'm a marketer. Nyah-nyah!

- OR -

Our firm also does business under ALL of the following names:

  • Someone Else ("We decided to hire someone else")
  • A Different Direction ("We're going in a different direction")
  • A Budget of Zero ("We have a budget of zero")
  • Our Current Agency ("We're happy with our current agency")

If you're considering one of these other options, please continue to make checks payable to David Newman

Or I could go in this direction... man, is this ever TEMPTING:

Marketing speaker, funny business card

What's the funniest, cleverest, wittiest copy you've ever seen on a business card?

Let me know in the COMMENTS area below - in fact, the best idea will win something cool from me. [No, it's not a puppy.]  

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